Criminal Law Practice

Harkavy, Goldman, Goldman & GersteinAn experienced criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence, reduced, or dismissed charges. Even in less serious cases, a good criminal defense attorney can impact the outcome of a case just by making sure that the rights of the accused are protected during the entire legal process. Anyone accused of a crime should make sure to hire the most competent, experienced and effective attorney(s) possible. Harkavy, Goldman, Goldman & Gerstein has been serving the best interests of our clients for over 40 years. From white collar crimes to weapons charges, drug cases, and DUIs, our Criminal Law Team has tirelessly gone to bat for our clients.

Our Lawyers Are Familiar with All Facets of Criminal Defense and May Help Clients with the Following:

  • Working to get the client’s charges dropped or lowered.
  • Making sure that no evidence against a client was obtained illegally.
  • Conducting a thorough pre-trial investigation.
  • Obtaining expert witnesses to testify on behalf of clients.
  • Interviewing police, involved parties, and any possible witnesses to expose lies or exaggerations.
  • Employing a private investigator, ballistics expert, polygraphist, or any other expert that may be able to help strengthen a client’s defense.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to make sure clients face the minimum possible penalties allowed.